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The Knuckle Boom Truck

The knuckle boom truck has a very distinct advantage – having the ability to get into places where a standard crane cannot. Crane’s are ideal for reaching higher places without any obstruction, but our knuckle boom services are perfect for lifting precious items into your home, whether it’s in Manhattan, NY, or anywhere else in NYC or North New Jersey. The “knuckle” refers to the joint that allows the boom to create a convenient angle (see below).

Knuckle Crane in Brooklyn, NY
Knuckle Crane in Brooklyn, NY
Knuckle Crane in Brooklyn, NY | Lifting Solutions Corp

Trust Lifting Solutions Corp to help you move large appliances, HVAC systems, heavy equipment, and more. We mainly work with general contractors, interior decorators, designers, architects, and homeowners.

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Crane in Brooklyn, NY

Services at Lifting Solutions

Lifting Solutions Corp provides lifting services to the NYC metro area. As a family-owned and operated corporation, we strive to deliver lifting services that can solve lifting situations that usually leave you scratching your head.

Knuckle Boom Truck Services

Knuckle boom trucks are an extremely versatile lifting option. Some major advantages include easily loading and unloading materials in almost any situation, having the ability to stow within itself, and it can be configured to do just about any lifting job. From cleaning debris to delivering products—a knuckle boom does it all.

Crane Services

We are proud to offer straight crane services for customers throughout New York, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and the surrounding areas. Our professional team has the knowledge, skill, rigging, and mechanical experience necessary for all types of jobs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to get the job done right the first time.

Signal Persons

Lifting Solutions Corp. provides signal NCCCO certified operators. A signal person directs the loads via two-way radios to your destination to ensure a safe lift. With state-of-the-art, high-quality equipment, we are committed to providing you the latest standards in quality.

Team Of Operators

Our operators are highly-trained with many years of experience. They are able to land your loads safely, even on the toughest projects. We strive to provide the highest quality products and services to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Flag Men

Our team of certified flag men is available to create a safe atmosphere when performing a crane service. The flag men we employ are experienced and trained to keep the job area clear of hazardous traffic problems.

Unmatched Flatbed Services – Trucking:

We have a wide range of flatbed truck sizes to accommodate your cargo. At Lifting Solutions Corp, we go the extra mile to ensure heavy equipment, vehicles, and other types of loads are transported promptly and safely. From pickup to deliver, trust our local lifting and transporting experts to handle your shipping service needs with extra care.

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